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  • Jean Ang

Why Do I Feel Stressed When Others Don’t?

If you were to carry a heavy load and your body is not strong enough to withstand the pressure, you would collapse underneath it. Similarly, if your physical health is relatively fragile, your mental capability might not be able to cope with all the stress around you.

Everyone is different. How much stress a person can handle is subjective. However needless to say, if your health is compromised, you would tend to be more inclined to crumble, break down and give way to pressure. That is when symptoms of anxiety, panic and depression manifest.


Some reasons for feeling overwhelmed with life:

  1. Traumas. It could be having experienced an accident or a natural disaster.

  2. Life changes. Major happenings such as breakups or divorce, a new job or house, bereavement, and an addition to the family.

  3. Limits over what can and cannot be managed. For example:

  • - An extremely tight deadline at work.

  • - Ill-health.

  • - Having to deal with difficult and challenging circumstances.

  • - Public speaking.

What should I do when I cannot take it anymore? 

  • Talk to someone, anyone, preferably a family member or friend.

  • Physically take a break.

  • Seek an appropriate professional for help.

  • Learn how to say "no".

  • Re-evaluate your priorities.

  • Practise deep breathing.

  • Tell yourself "One day at a time."

It is advisable to be seen by a doctor for a consultation to be referred to the best care. You are never alone, remember that.

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