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5 Diet Myths

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Myth #1: Drinking lots of green tea makes me lose weight

Green tea contains antioxidants and is known for its health benefits. However, green tea by itself does not cause weight loss. Substituting sugary or creamy drinks with it could be one of the reasons that has led some people to deduce that green tea is the secret to fat-burning. Do keep in mind that moderation is the key, and the caffeine found in green tea could cause side effects like palpations (which possibly make you feel as if your metabolism is boosted), insomnia, nausea, frequent urination and anxiety.

Myth #2: Certain food like celery, lemon and grapefruit burns fats

No food can “burn fat”.

Myth #3: Fad diet’s claims of weight loss

There is a reason why is it called “fad” — it is for a brief period of time. Depriving your body of essential nutrients by following a restricted food group or specific set of guidelines could cause other health complications that include weakened immunity, and might put you at higher risks of heart diseases. You would also end up regaining the weight and more right after losing some.

Myth #4: Rice is fattening

The problem with rice is not the rice per se, it is the portion. If you consume more of anything and not burning it off, it is naturally stored by the body. Consider days and months to years of excess storage (along with a sedentary lifestyle) that is what makes you heavier.

Myth #5: I can eat anything I want if I exercise

Yes, exercising keeps the body fit, but if you do not control what goes into your mouth, your fitness programs are just being counteracted by poor eating habits.

The problem with obesity now is that people are simply eating more than they should. “Too nutritious” food are jamming our internal works of the body. Cut back on overindulgence and think before devouring that extra portion (ask yourself “Does my body really need that?”).

There are no instant results when it comes to healthy living. Wellness involves discernment, choice and action.

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